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Kingdom Mind Business Services
3871 Nokomis Street
Baton Rouge, La. 70805
‘Building God’s Kingdom One Business At A Time’
Bless the Lord. My name is Pastor Stephen
Green. I am the senior pastor of Weapons
of Truth International Ministries. I am the
founder of Kingdom Mind Business
Services. I see a strong need in the earth
concerning blessings and prosperity. I
am finding that there are many people who
have dreams and passions to own their
own business, but lack the proper training,
knowledge, motivation to turn their dream
into reality. God has blessed me with the
gifts, tools, and anointing to assist his
people in becoming the business owners
they desire to be. Not only do I have a
strong passion for business, but being a
business owner myself helps me to truly understand the next person’s
desire to own a successful business. My vision behind Kingdom Mind
Business Services is to take every dream that God allows me to take,
and by the spirit of God, turn that dream into reality. I want to see the
blessings of God manifest in the lives of those who he will connect me
with. I understand the frustrations of getting a business started, so I truly
desire to be that vessel that God uses to bring every vision to pass that
he has imparted in the hearts of his people.