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Kingdom Mind Business Services
3871 Nokomis Street
Baton Rouge, La. 70805
‘Building God’s Kingdom One Business At A Time’
When it comes to starting a business, or taking a business to the next
level, one can become filled with questions. These questions, without
the proper guidance can either go unanswered or down the wrong path.
Kingdom Mind Business Services is here to walk you through those
difficult questions and lead you to success.
Business Services
*Marketing Product Design
*Website Development
& Marketing
*Marketing Analysis
*General Business
*Business Referrals
*We also write professional business
   plans at additional costs.
*The only way a business can be truly be successful is if it’s
operated in the spirit of Excellence!
10 Most Common Asked Questions:
*What Legal Structure Do I Use For
   My Business?
*How much is a professional website?
*How much do I need for advertising?
*Does my business need insurance?
*Who’s my target audience for business?
*What is a business plan?
*How do I apply for a business loan?
*How do I hire for my business?
*How long before I see a real profit?
*Am I in the right business for me?