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Kingdom Mind Business Services
3871 Nokomis Street
Baton Rouge, La. 70805
‘Building God’s Kingdom One Business At A Time’
Thank you for your interest in Kingdom
Mind Business Services. I hope that I’ve
answered all of your questions. If you
have further questions or need further
questions, please feel free to contact me
direct using the number listed, or you
can email me at
My central office is located in the heart
of Baton Rouge near Exxon.
Kingdom Mind Business Services would
like to thank you for your interest in our
services. It is a truly a blessing to have a
God given vision, and it is also a blessing
for you to trust us with the knowledge to
bring vision to pass. We will do every all
we can to ensure that your vision is as
precious to us as it is to you. Thank you
again and we look forward to working
with you.